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I especially like the concept of people challenging each other to become more and look forward to the day when we all can do that without fear and hesitation. But that requires trust and people so hurt as we are find it difficult, if not impossible, to trust completely.

It is like martial arts sparring. I’m not talking about tournament fighting, but the sparring you do with your partner.  Your partner is someone you care about, as you have trained together for 100s if not 1000s of hours.  You have substantial trust with this person, which enables you to challenge each other in order to benefit each other.

If you were fighting the objective would be for one to win.  This means that, be default, the other person would lose or get hurt. However, in sparring we use self control, focus, and strength to know ourselves and our partner so well that we can sharpen each other without causing pain. I envision that might be what we all can enjoy in our human relationships someday.


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