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The New PsychoCybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy

Another old blog post from 2006:

I’m reading The New PsychoCybernetics now, on audio-book (from Audible. I had read this book back when I was a kid (picked it up from a tag sale) and then again when I was in my 20’s (recommended by Worldwide Dreambuilders). Both times it seemed very different.

I’m reading it again, on the advice of my business coach. I thought it would feel like an old repeat, but it doesn’t. In fact, it seems like a completely new book! Perhaps this is because much of it has been updated or maybe its because I’ve changed again.

So far, I’m at chapter 3. The basic concept is that we’re built for success. Just like an animal, which has instincts for success, we too have success ‘instincts.’ However, ours are in the form of the goal-seeking mechanisms in our brains.

Simply put, if we accurately create a strong goal in our brains, we can’t help but accomplish it. Unfortunately, many people either don’t focus on goals or focus on negative thoughts. In either case, they bring about the failure they dwell upon.

A recent article I read from Self-Realization Fellowship spoke of the same topic, from the perspective of fear. If we allow our minds to focus on something we fear, we will actually increase the odds of that event occurring. Instead, we need to focus on that which we want. When fear comes into our minds, we need to consciously put it aside and return focus to our goals.


What’s this blog all about, anyway?

I was recently motivated, by a friend’s blog, to start writing again.  How good it feels!  My original blog from 10+ years ago was running old software which was easily hacked.  Rather than repair it, I moved this site.  Perhaps someday, I’ll bring over some of my old blog entries.

What is Blinker Click?  Well, when cars were first invented and signal lights added, relays were used to actuate the lights themselves.  But these were special relays which had a piece of connecting metal that both heated up as current flowed through it and also bent with heat.  This caused it to slowly bend away from the other terminal as it heated, eventually bending away enough that it disconnected the circuit, causing both the signal light to go off and the metal to begin cooling.  Once it cooled enough, it bent back and made contact with the terminal, causing the signal light to go on and the metal to heat and bend.  This process caused the signal light to blink and continued until driver turned off the signal light.  In addition, it made that “click click click click” sound we are all so familiar with when our signal (blinker) is on.

I enjoy the idea of cycle that occurs automatically, creating benefit.  This is in many ways all tools and technology, especially including the Internet, and specifically software.  (I was a software engineer for many years).

However, the real appeal of Blinker Click for me is the human side of it.  Let me explain.  As technology advanced, there was no need to use a piece of metal that heated an bent.  Instead an IC (Integrated Circuit) chip could do the work cheaper, more reliably, and more safely.  But, when cars were made with signal lights that didn’t “click,” people revolted!  We were so conditioned to need the sound of the clicking to know our blinker was on and actually working, that we demanded the “click” be returned.  Some cars actually used a speaker replicating the clicking sound.  Others put back the mechanical blinkers.

So, there is real irony in this, for me.  While technology marches on, the human capacity for change remains the limiting factor.

My goal for this blog is to compassionately challenge human thinking and other limiting factors, in order to advance the lives of as many individuals as possible by maximizing their potential. 

I welcome all comments, replies, confirmation, support, arguments, concerns, and opposing views.  In no way do I ever intend to preach or profess via this blog.  But instead, I hope to spark thought on topics which are traditionally accepted as fact, but can really improve your life.

Kind regards!


I especially like the concept of people challenging each other to become more and look forward to the day when we all can do that without fear and hesitation. But that requires trust and people so hurt as we are find it difficult, if not impossible, to trust completely.

It is like martial arts sparring. I’m not talking about tournament fighting, but the sparring you do with your partner.  Your partner is someone you care about, as you have trained together for 100s if not 1000s of hours.  You have substantial trust with this person, which enables you to challenge each other in order to benefit each other.

If you were fighting the objective would be for one to win.  This means that, be default, the other person would lose or get hurt. However, in sparring we use self control, focus, and strength to know ourselves and our partner so well that we can sharpen each other without causing pain. I envision that might be what we all can enjoy in our human relationships someday.